NICOLE Latin America was founded in 2013 as NICOLE Brasil. It was structured throughout the year of 2014 and started to have its current configuration in 2015, when the activities of the Working Groups were also launched. It has the support and investment of industries, consultancies and academic members, enabling the activities of the four Working Groups that represent our study fronts.

During 2016, the Network participated in its first international event at the X Ekos Brasil Seminar on Remediation and Revitalization of Contaminated Areas, where were held the Working Groups first workshops. In the same period, the Network began to expand, seeking new partners and opportunities in Latin America.

In 2017, NICOLE Brasil, in partnership with ReLASC (Latin American Network for the Prevention and Management of Contaminated Sites) and MINAM (Ministry of the Environment), organized the First International ReLASC-NICOLE Brazil Seminar discussing the management of areas contaminated by hydrocarbons, held in the city of Lima, Peru. According to the ReLASC, the seminar was the most important event on contaminated areas in the first half of the year.

Finally, in 2018, NICOLE Brasil brought an array of different workshops to the XI Ekos Brasil Seminar / SustRem in São Paulo, as a result of the work performed by the Working Groups during the year.

In an effort to expand the Network and to bring new perspectives and players to the discussions instigated by the Working Groups, in 2019 NICOLE Brasil is now NICOLE Latin America, encompassing as a whole this rich and complex region.

NICOLE Latin America is managed and coordinated by Instituto Ekos Brasil, a non-profit organization that uses its structure to organize the Network and support the Working Groups administratively.